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Predators & Editors Will Survive Dave Kuzminski’s Passing

This is just a short informational note / update on P&E.

If you follow me, you know that P&E is an extremely valuable resource to querying writers, basically working as a free CSI Miami keeping track of predatory scum on behalf of all of us. No agent should be queried before you run him or her through P&E.

Sadly, Dave Kuzminski, the person behind P&E passed away recently. There was significant concern that P&E may not live on without him. I found out tonight (thank you Maia) that Andrew Burt from the Critters Writers’ Workshop has taken over, and will be running the site now. So P&E will live on.

Please Note:

The address for P&E will now be http://pred-ed.com/

My sincere thanks to Andrew Burt, and all of our thoughts go out to Dave’s family.

We now return you to our regularly scheduled programming…

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